Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was a black clergyman from Atlanta, Georgia.  Born in 1929 into a comfortable home in the southern United States, King first learned about the importance of skin color when … Continue Reading →

New York City

Listen and read. New York is a wonderful and dynamic city that changes its face in all its five boroughs. It’s the biggest city in the United States of America … Continue Reading →

San Francisco

In this lesson you will learn words and expressions to describe a town or a city. Listen and read the following text about San Francisco. I live in San Francisco. … Continue Reading →

Home sweet home!

Read and listen. Hi! I’m going to describe my home. I live in an attic with two terraces, with my family. My flat is on the third floor. When you go in, you … Continue Reading →

William Shakespeare

Listen and read. William Shakespeare, the greatest playwright in the English language, is known all over the world and many of his plays are now also made into films. He was … Continue Reading →

My trip to London

Listen and read. My trip to London was a great experience! I visited Westminster Abbey where I saw the tombs of many English kings, queens, writers and heroes. I also … Continue Reading →

Il Present Perfect

Oggi incontrerete il Present Perfect, un tempo verbale che si usa per parlare di esperienze in generale, avvenute nel passato, senza specificare quando sono avvenute. Es. I’ve been to London. (Sono … Continue Reading →

“A Christmas Carol”

“A Chrismas Carol” è uno dei romanzi brevi più noti dello scrittore inglese Charles Dickens. Vi propongo un breve riassunto di tale racconto da leggere e ascoltare. Ricordate che per ascoltare … Continue Reading →